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mercredi 22 février 2017

Birdthrower feat. Ben Harper : Days of Never Before, nouveauté

BEN HARPER est venu jouer de la Weissenborn sur Days of Never Before de l’artiste new-yorkais Robert O Leaver, alias BIRDTHROWER lorsqu’il est musicien :

Pour un temps limité, Days of Never Before est à télécharger gratuitement en cliquant ici (clic droit, enregistrer sous).

Retrouvez d’autres informations sur le site officiel de Robert O Leaver.

Woke last night chasing sleep
Dream of life we cannot keep
The body beside me breathing slow
Get up get dressed it's time to go
We ran aground in the fog of war
The sharks are feeding more and more
In the golden tower the traitors cry
Tears of joy
They're riding high

These are the days
These are the days
Of never before

The bridge collapsed right before our eyes
The city in flames we ran for our lives
The bomb was dirty, the leader came clean
Then a sunset like nobody had ever seen
A traveler said to me, ill fares the land
I told him I know but I don't understand
He said god help the children, the planet is crazed
I try to take courage, and still be amazed

These are the days
These are the days
Of never before
Of never before
These are the days of never before.

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